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About us

We are a Canadian family business with over 20 years experience in combining innovative health technologies with wearable fashion and accessories.  

Our Designer

FIRMA was envisioned and designed by Yvonne Hogenes in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2012. FIRMA first began as a shapewear product that was being sold alongside the TAB Bra, a 'sister product' to FIRMA that offers a healthy, no-underwire bra for women looking for superior back/shoulder support and improved breast health.

It didn't take long before Yvonne started to realize that FIRMA was starting to really make a difference in her customer's lives... as the testimonials piled up, it became clear that FIRMA was more than just a 'sidekick' and we developed from there!

Yvonne's passion has always been in helping people with more than just their looks - we care about how they feel as well. FIRMA was founded on the idea that clothing should do more than just look a certain way - we should be expecting more and getting more as technology continues to improve and advance. Our ultimate goal is to make you both look and feel the best you can, and with FIRMA Energywear, we feel we are doing exactly that.