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Keeping Your Body Cooler With
Far-Infrared Technology 

“I was starting to get uncomfortable and then I was introduced to Firma Energywear…

… And I started to feel much cooler!”

As you get older, you will experience a change in your bodies that cannot be avoided and this change is uncomfortable and causes hot flashes and even night sweats. And this seriously affects your quality of life and it is really uncomfortable.

Your body temperature begins to fluctuate and hot flashes can last anywhere between one minute to five minutes and this can happen a few times a week. (ugh)

Even though your body has the ability to naturally cool itself down. You will still experience this change in your body and this means discomfort.

BUT going through this change is NOT inevitable but merely a sign that you are maturing as a woman.

Therefore as you go through this transition you can still make your life as comfortable as possible.

Introducing... Firma Energywear.

Firma Energywear has so much success in helping women feel cooler, more comfortable and yes… having more energy is because we have a product with amazing far-infrared technology that helps regulate your body’s heat! 

All of our products are made with the highest quality fabric which includes…

✅ Bioactive crystal and minerals embedded directly into the yarn.

✅ Firma absorbs your body heat and uses far-infrared energy back to your body.

✅ Wearing Firma products during physical exercise will help reduce muscle fatigue.

✅ Firma Energywear also offers a UPF 50+ solar protection rating against UVA and UVB rays.

“I felt a flush of heat come over me but I didn’t really pay much attention to it at first but once I was starting to get uncomfortable and then I was introduced to Firma Energywear. Once I put on their hi-rise leggings, I started to feel much cooler during the day but I also wear it at night and I sleep better because of it.”

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