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Anti-Viral Pillowcase


Sizing: Will fit Standard, Super Standard, and Queen size Pillows

Introducing a new and exciting FIRMA energywear product featuring an entirely new yarn that brings amazing benefits to the forefront!

The FIRMA Anti-Viral Pillow Case is an exciting new item that is made with a new, 'cutting edge' polyamide textile that not only provides anti-bacterial benefits but also ISO-certified anti-viral benefits as well. Just like our far-infrared products, the benefits and effects from our yarn will never wash or wear out either, making this an excellent way to provide additional protection in your home or while travelling.

The effectiveness of our Virus-Bac OFF polyamide yarn has been proven following the protocols according to the ISO 18184 standard (Determination of Antiviral Activity of Textile Products) and proven antibacterial action, in accordance with the international textile standards AATCC100.