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Beauty & Hygiene Mask (Art Print)


Our Artistic Print Face Mask brings a little more color and life to our Face Mask line!

Featuring a beautiful print from Canadian artist Cydney Galbraith (Love's Pure Light), this calming and colorful mask brings a lot of life and color to your face mask options.

See the full artwork below:

 Visit Cydney's website at http://www.lovespurelight.ca to see more!


FIRMA brings the highest quality fabrics and technology to a lightweight & convenient mask for improved hygiene. 

Engineered with a proprietary fabric featuring advanced far-infrared benefits and a superior hand feel for a extremely comfortable, durable, and breathable mask.

Our advanced polyamide yarn features bioceramics infused directly into the yarn which provide far-infrared benefits to the wearer by reflecting far-infrared heat from the body back to the wearer.

Far-infrared benefits include increased skin micro-circulation, increased collagen production & synthesis, and improved skin smoothness & elasticity. 

Our fabrics are easy to wash and quick to dry, and feature Oekotex 100 certifification which means they will not react adversely with the skin and contain no harmful chemicals or coatings. 

FIRMA’s Face Mask is used as a hygiene mask to improve public hygiene and to protect those around you and also as a skin and beauty mask for scars, acne and skin health.

More breathable and more comfortable than the average face mask!  Feel the difference for yourself today


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